Premium Benefits Questions

Hey! I have been working on my game for over a year now, and I’m at the phase of monetization. First and foremost, I want to know if premium benefits actually brings premium players into your game. Is premium payout that good of an earnings method? If so, how should I implement premium benefits into my simulator game. Some of the biggest aspects of the game include PvP, Dungeons, Basic simulator concept(get money to buy something to get more money), and Pets. With these in mind, how could I add premium benefits in a fair way to all players? Thanks in advance

I guess it could if the items they get would require a lot of work. But don’t give them the best weapons just in case they get bored easily since what you want from premium players is for them to rejoin. Also making these “benefits” accessable by spending robux will help aswell.

Tbh for most premium users I think they forget they have premium since all they get is a bit of robux every month and maybe some discounts on items. So adding it in might be a good idea to stir up revenue. Also if you prompt a player to get premium and they do buy it I’m pretty sure you get a good cut of it too. So make sure to add those.

So basically just replayability

Don’t let my opinion change your mind, but I personally don’t like premium benefits as its just a way of putting pay to win.

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Premium benefits don’t really attract premium players to your game. However, premium benefits can motivate premium players to keep playing once they have joined.

For your game, I would suggest maybe a premium chat tag and a starter boost (for example, they could be given 10,000 coins if they are a premium player).

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