Premium Discount for Gamepasses and Developer Products?

Recently I was making a game, where I would promote Roblox Premium, as well as my gamepasses and Developer Products…

I wanted to add a special Premium Discount for buying my In-Game currency using Robux. I have 2 ways I could go with this…

1st Way

  • Make 2 different Gamepasses or 2 different Developer Products, with one having the original price, and the second one having a discount price, when the user tries to buy my in-game currency, I could check their membership status, and then prompt them the appropriate Gamepass/Dev Products.
    Now there is a huge flaw with this, if I have 2 gamepasses with one having the discount price and the other one having the normal price, some people could possibly find out the discount price gamepass on the Roblox website, and buy that gamepass without having Roblox premium.

2nd Way

  • IF Roblox had a Premium Discount feature for Gamepasses and Developer Products (Like they have for UGC items…), I would just need to show the user that there is a Premium Discount on a certain in-game currency bundle. Without needing to check for their membership status, and without needing to create 2 different gamepasses/developer products…
    I would just need to enable the premium discount on the gamepass/developer product page, set in the discount %, and I would be all set.
    (Also if possible, the Robux purchase prompt should also point out that there is a premium discount to Premium Users when buying a gamepass/developer product in-game.)

If Roblox adds this feature, it would be way easier for me to provide these Premium Discounts, and most likely, developers would promote Roblox Premium in their games way more often.


This doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense strategically, Premium players already get the benefit that they accumulate Robux every month and they already get a discount on buying Robux on the site.

It’s probably more lucrative to simply offer items or events exclusive to Premium users or by offering an in-game Premium currency they can rack up (or an existing currency they can rack up more quickly than usual) while playing with a Premium membership. Offering base discounts to Premium players may also hurt your bottom line significantly since a high percentage of Robux transactions come from Premium users.