Premium Membership Tiers

I was unsure if this should be posted in engine feature or website features as it’s a bit of both, but I will post it here

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to provide subscription perks to our player base. Currently, Roblox has 3 different types of premium membership, each a different price. Roblox recently implemented premium payouts, which has been great for developers.

Ideally, developers would provide premium members with extra benefits so that they may be incentivized to play. We as developers can add perks for premium members and then prompt them to buy premium. The problem is this is currently limited to I believe the least expensive version of a Roblox premium membership.

As a developer, I would like to give more perks to those who pay for a higher premium membership. To do this I need features to check what membership level a player has and I need features to prompt a player to buy a certain level of premium.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I would have more ways to profit off my game.


I don’t think a higher tier of premium affects your premium payout revenue. What do you get for prompting a different tier instead of allowing it to prompt what Roblox thinks is best?

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That’s a question with a pretty obvious answer. Premium payouts exist because it encourages developers to get players to buy premium. If developers can convince players to buy premium, Roblox makes money and we get a bit of the cut. If developers can convince players to buy even more expensive premium memberships, Roblox makes more money and the developers make more money. We’re both happy, why not implement the feature?

So the revenue from the entire system effects you, but prompting a higher tier would not directly affect you.

In that case, would you not expect that Roblox is already making an optimized choice? It is possible that users are more likely to purchase premium at smaller tiers, or that premium appears more positively with audiences when prompting less aggressive pricing. Either way, is there any reason to believe that Roblox would purposefully have the premium system be successful?