Premium only gear

i wanna make like premium player have a specific gear when they enter into a game
But i dont know how to do it can somebody help me please?

Thanks for looking at this post
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Define “Premium only” gear. Roblox Premium Membership or your own Membership?

If you want to use Roblox Premium, just check their MembershipType Player.MembershipType == Enum.MembershipType.Premium on the Server and give them the tools if it is true.

Edit: (Since some didn’t seem to fully understand that above was an example)
Below is an example check, modify it to your own needs.

    if Player.MembershipType == Enum.MembershipType.Premium then
        -- Any code put in this if gets executed if the user is premium

So… did you look at the Developer Hub yet? That has basically an answer to most things premium related. You can use

if player.MembershipType == Enum.MembershipType.Premium then


like what @SimplyData said.

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That will not work, because obviously you cant reference LocalPlayer on the server(and he wants to give tools), and this post has been answered already.

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