Premium Payouts Discussion 2024 (Engagement-Based Payouts)

Hey there,

I’m eager to gather updated information about premium payouts (Engagement-Based Payouts) and would love to see people discuss this topic and share their ideas, beliefs, and facts.

Let’s consider a scenario: You have a fresh new game on an alternate account, and your main account has a premium subscription. What strategies could someone use to have their main account AFK in the game, maximizing earnings by the end of the month? Does the platform a player uses matter? Do different premium subscriptions make a difference? Is there a minimum playtime required for this to take effect? Is it more beneficial to stay AFK for long periods or to rejoin the game and stay AFK every hour? Does the number of visits or the presence of non-premium alt accounts impact earnings?

I’m aware there’s a Roblox post on this topic, but it offers limited information. I’d like to hear your opinions. Here’s the link to the topic for reference:

This discussion could benefit others in the future, seeking updated information about premium payouts. Let’s see what we currently know about this topic.

I feel like the profit you make from this would be invalidated if they figure out you’re using an alt to artificially inflate your game’s premium play time

Also could result in punishments as false work alts can be punished as its violating Roblox Terms Of Service (ToS) such as bans.

May I ask what ToS are you breaking with that though. Playing your own game on alt account? If the game itself is not blank and it has it’s purpose, then even being afk in that game is simply playing your own game…

You aren’t actually breaking any ToS if you simply play your own game though, especially if that game is not blank and has some purpose. And I’ve heard some people getting up to 5k robux by simply being afk.