Premium Payouts for top model producers

I wasn’t really sure where to put this. If there’s a better category for this let me know, but I I thought it would be beneficial to give premium payouts or some equivalent to top model producers.

Recently, a fantastic feature was added where game creators would be paid for the player retention in there came went live. I was thinking about this today and I realized that model makers really have no real source of revenue. I think it would be beneficial to the developer community and add incentives to make great models and free them to the community by adding a payout system to developers who get users to insert models to their game. For instance, creators who make admin commands or vehicle chassis or an AI system could really benefit others if they freed their work, however a lot of the time they do not because they have no incentive. Payouts to creators who might not have a full game, but have a very successful model that many games depend on (A-Chassis by Novena or Kohl’s admin commands, for example), might incentivize more of these models to surface while keeping it free to creators who are just starting off and might not have the funds to purchase assets to start up.

This is just a thought, there are no doubt a lot of things that would need to be logistically figured out (botting, clone models, etc), but I think it would be a nice opportunity for model creators to make some money and create better quality items for the toolbox. Also, to any developers reading this, leave me your thoughts in the replies since I’m interested to see what other devs think about this too. Thanks!