Premium Payouts going to my account and not my group

So I have gotten a few Premium Payouts this year (not much, but it’s still an issue for larger future payouts…)

But I think I’ve gotten these through group games, since my profile games are either private, dead, or just… yeah. My group games are the more popular ones, and I checked the sales history for my group and there was no sign of Premium Payouts.


Why did it go to my profile? I don’t want it there, as I don’t want to lose 30% of my payouts whenever I have to put it in my group, when it should just go there directly. Do you get Premium payouts for group games? Does it always go to the owner’s account?

(I am new to Premium Payouts)

I wish they could make Premium Payouts more organised and clear rather than getting a random email saying you got like 10 Robux

I think if the game is registered with your name as the main creator, it will pay the fund to your account but if the game is owned by the group that you want it to be owned by, I think it should send the funds to the group. My suggestion is to transfer ownership of the game to the group and see. Try it with a mock game and see. It should work @EthanDSYT.

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But it is under my group though :flushed:

Oh well I guess roblox just set it that way to be paid out. Would be nice if they added that option if its not there already. What you could do is make a next topic in the #platform-feedback:website-features and suggest it to them and see because I have an unfinished game that is owned by me and not my group and I still get paid in premium payout.

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well yeah, you get premium payouts to your account for non group games, but my group game payouts seem to go in my account and not my group
the feature request is a good idea but not relevant