Premium payouts graph not showing a premium user's playtime


I created a game yesterday, luckily, a premium user got extremely engaged into it and stayed for hours in it. I am not money-thirsty, but isn’t this graph supposted to show his hours of playtime?

However, in the premium visits graph it shows exactly for how long he played.

I didn’t really find a reliable answer to my problem, any help is appreciated.

Not 100% certain, but I think it takes around a month to show up on the page.

From the Roblox premium payouts FAQ page: “You’ll receive Premium Payouts on a daily basis, 28 days after each measured day. For example, you will receive your payout for February 19th’s engagement on March 18th (28 days later) and February 20th’s engagement on March 19th (also 28 days later)”



however i remember releasing a christmas-themed game a couple months ago and seeing some spikes in premium visits (including the premium payout graph), by now i should’ve received my premium payout, however, i never did.
My point is the premium calculation thing is bugged in some way - it probably wont even give me a payout.

Sorry for not responding on time.

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It has been a month, the graph is still empty.

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I got my premium payout and the graph showed up, i guess you just gotta be patient.

Edit: i didn’t understand this before, but the premium payout graph is used for showing the amount of robux you will get after a premium user visits your game, not his playime.

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