Premium Payouts Issue

Hey, so i have a game and today i got my first premium payout, but im asking myself, i think its glitched or something
I think I should of get all the other payments too? Like from the other days engagement, why i got payment once?

Thats just how premium payouts work, you get a payment based on previous months activity.

But on the email it says
“Is calculated every day”, so where’s the payments from the other days?
also looking at the roblox website talking about Premium Payouts

This image is from their website, and its giving robux everyday

No it is calculated everday which is your orange line… it is paid monthly which is the blue line.

The colors i mention are from your picture not theirs which is a different graph than yours.

Dont confuse the word calculated with paid… it is calculated on daily activity but paid only monthly roughly.

Nothing looks askew here, especially if your game is tiny. You may get a bunch of premium robux for one day and nothing days before or after it.

You will receive the robux approx 28 days after the date beside the bullet point.

How much is that? If before it was 1-20 per day, suddenly you got 120, just pure luck.
But if it was 100 per day, suddenly 5820, that’s extraordinary