Premium payouts statistics flatlined

I went to check on my premium payouts statistics on my game just now and noticed that both scores had suspiciously flatlined on the 13th of September.

This is probably incorrect.



Hi! We are investigating this actively. We think it’s just the frontend displaying no data as zero, but I will update this thread when we know for sure.


Yep, that was it. The change has been reverted - thanks for the report!



You will not see any of the premium payouts shown for about 5 days after the date has passed. Then, once it appears on the graph, it will take about 1 month for you to recieve it in your pending robux.

I know about this very clearly and the problem is that it’s showing I have made 0 robux not that it’s not showing

Can you please fix up your image in your original post (it is not viewable) and send one with your mouse hovering over the right-most point on the graph @DeniPinez23

I have just re-updated the image on my post, and here’s a picture of my mouse hovering over the most recent point on graph

its so weird how it says “Projected robux earned” even tho it’s showing 0

According to the game link you sent:
Your game went public on the 2nd of August. The most recent point on the graph is of the 1st of August, the day before.
That is why you are not seeing any expected robux

omg what, how is this possible?? I public this game so long ago??? I just noticed this, no way this happened, look it even say I just updated this game last week


wait nvm its 8th of February… lol
you legit scared me

Huh. I swear at one stage it showed it as DD/MM/YYYY, I guess that isn’t the case now though.
Still, give it a couple more days and see if it fixes it

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Hi, for almost the past two months now, my Team’s game does not show any monetary information on the Premium Payouts tab:

Game in question: 🎖️ [ARMY!] Military Simulator - Roblox

It also happens on another game of ours and hourly/daily/monthly robux earnings DO not show.

Game in question: [ALPHA 2.6] Coruscant Roleplay - Roblox

Do you still receive the payout tho?
If not then Roblox is seriously ripping Devs off

@ConnectNot_connect @DeniPinez23 Since this thread is marked as solved, it’s better to file a new bug report about these issues. I’ve sent you both instructions on how to file a new bug report.

Locking this now since the original poster marked it as solved!