Premium Purchase Screen

What do you think of purchase screen? Just ideas

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@Da_RealHonestmam The art looks amazing, but what is it for? I am really curious.

A roblox store inside a game if anybody ever wanted to visit here instead of the Avatar Shop

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looks like the old roblox with the gradient and font and slight color difference and navbar

how are we gonna rely on making robux? do we make this premium only?

Looks pretty good and it gives me good old ROBLOX vibes :slight_smile:
I would probably change “Are you sure you wanna” to: “Are you sure you want to” just so it looks a little more professional.
I would also align the text with the logo so it looks a little better. Overall it’s pretty good, makes me think of old roblox!

Oooo, it looks nice!

One thing I would add is the amount of robux you will have after the purchase, like when you buy a game pass in-game.

I know that this image is clickbait, but this was the only one that I could find:

This is giving me a lot of nostalgia!

I do not believe that there is a direct way to know how much ROBUX a player has. So I do not think it would be possible to make such a thing.