Premium purchases ingame

I don’t know the best category for this question so I thought I’d post it here. What happens when you have a premium purchase prompting ingame and someone buys premium in your game, what do you get for it.

You can read this:

As far as I know, it just allows for premium payouts.

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What do you mean “allows premium payouts” you get premium payouts just for when a premium user plays your game for a certain amount of time.

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You will always get premium payouts as long as the game isnt payed access

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You mean what happens if someone buys it using the PremiumPrompt purchase? You don’t get anything, but adding premium benefits in your game increases premium payouts and profit for you.

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Yea, I know that. I was referring to getting it after someone purchases it.
cc @Jar_Dev

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So it won’t help to add the premium purchase modal? Thats weird it should be some commision of some sort. As I don’t think more premium people will play if u put a premium purchase modal in it.

But the fact that it has premium perks ATTRACTS premium users, in which play your game and you get the premium payout for them spending time in the game.

You mean this thing, right?

It is added to premium benefits, to prompt the user to purchase premium in order to unlock that perk/feature.

Yes I know that I personally already implement some premium benefits in my game but for if a person purchases premium from your prompting you should get atleast something.

I mean that purchase modal yes, so if someone buys it it will be added to your premium payouts?

No, but premium benefits attract more premium benefits, thus more premium payouts.

Premium benefits is not what i want to know what I wanted to know was if u get a commision or something if a player buys premium in your game.

No. You don’t, I already made myself clear above.

I know but you began about something else which was not really what I needed to know.