Premium Tokens - what they are and how would they work

As a Roblox developer, if you buy Premium, you can NOT:

  • Keep it for later use
  • Gift it to friends
  • Buy another month of Premium while one is still active

And sometimes gift cards are not available in some countries, such as mine.

So I suggest: Premium Tokens.

  • One Premium Token costs $5.
  • Premium Tokens can be purchased in packages of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 12, 24, and 40.
  • These are optional and would NOT replace the current premium purchasing.
  • Months of Premium cost as following: 450 Robux Premium - 1 Token, 1000 Robux Premium - 2 Tokens, 2200 Robux Premium - 4 Tokens.
  • You can give these to your friends as a gift to use.
  • Buying Premium with tokens would skip entering your payment details every single time you want to purchase it.

Premium Tokens would be digital, and would be available everywhere.
Difference from giftcards
Unlike giftcards, they are purchased directly from Roblox. This means that you have a guarantee of the tokens arriving. As digital giftcards are done by you paying them and them emailing a code, there IS a chance that you will get scammed and no PIN code to redeem your giftcard will arrive.


Adding a new currency system to solve four problems seems like a lot of work for something that’ll be unintuitive to use–it would make more sense to introduce these features individually (pre-paying for multiple months of Premium, being able to gift a purchase to a friend, etc). Also, keeping Premium for later use seems kind of pointless when you can just hang onto the cash and make the transaction once you need it. It’s simpler, and also keeps your cash liquid if there’s something more important that comes up.


I’m a bit confused on what benefits tokens would have over the current system. I see your point about scamming, but in that case wouldn’t it make more sense to allow people to directly buy account balance without having to go through gift cards or a token system, which they can then spend as they like on Premium? Also, in that case people can prepay for months of Premium by setting it up to automatically withdrawal from their account balance, which is the current system. There’s also the possibility you mentioned of being able to buy Premium/account balance for other people, and that seems better solved by having a “This is a gift purchase.” checkbox rather than having tokens.

It seems that you got a point there. Adding a new currency would make a new incentive for scamming (not just “free robux”, now even “free premium tokens”.)

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