Presence on Studio Start Page

Number 1 for sure is scripts. I believe inserts of any kind is number two, as it would let people find exploitation scripts and know who placed them.

One important feature to an Activity Feed would be a search bar to find activity by person and type of activity.

As roblox makes studio a more professional workspace, owners should have access to an activity summary from their team as well.
This would include

  • Timer that tracks time on studio, which shuts off after a minute of inactivity

  • AI generated summary of activity feed for each employee

  • An in depth view which would allow them to see all the activity as well as the date and time the thing was accomplished


I love this, this makes it so much easier on who is developing atm without having to know them from team create!

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Speaking of Presence, could we get better presence toggles on the main site such as appearing offline? This has been a highly requested feature for a while now.


Let’s say there’s a main log that no one can edit, being read only. Anyone in the team can see the changes made to the place, in a period of time.

What changes, though? Within one log, we could have, as you mentioned, Experience changes and Place changes. The former would be highlighted to give their importance, such as

  • Place published,
  • Place access changes,
  • Any other place information, such as name or description,
  • Adding any monetization elements, such as DPs, GPs and Badges.
  • Place version reverts,
  • among others, such as subplace adding.

Place changes would be less important, but also reflect

  • Instance changes, such as their parent, and any properties.
  • Instances added/deleted
  • Highlight any insertion of Instances of BaseScript type

And least importantly, who joined the place, and left, at what time.

Something interesting would be compressing all the Instance changes made by a singular user in a row as a dropdown box, so there’s less clutter.

I think you get the idea. If you don’t, I’ll just try to replicate what I’ve thought of. I mean, anyone could, disagree.

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It’s the small details that matter in everything. Even though this isn’t a huge update, these small QOL updates make me supper happy. I am so glad that after many years of stagnant innovation, the past few years have seen countless updates focused on making the experience in Studio better. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us! :slight_smile:

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Does this also mean any addition to the api, maybe the possibility to make a watcher to notify us when soneone enters studio etc?

I noticed it, it kind of more closely follows Roblox’s recent design choices. Maybe this is hinting toward a studio redesign?

Great feature, really helpful when managing a game.


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I like this update :+1:

This update has potential, as it now theoretically allows tracking work in Roblox. To make it even better, Roblox should add a function to receive reports on work hours.

Here’s the API if needed:

You can get the universe ID from the Creator Dashboard. To get information about multiple games at once, simply add another &ids=SecondUniverseID to the API request.

This is a very cool feature indeed! Cant wait for it to be installed! :eyes:

Hey! Thanks for this awesome feature.

I’ve just discovered a minor bug which I thought I’d bring up here. If you join a Team Create session, then leave it and take a look at your games page in Studio soon after, you’ll see your own avatar displayed.


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