Presence on Studio Start Page

Hi Developers,

We are excited to announce the release of Presence on the Studio Start Page! Presence makes collaboration easier by showing currently active users across your Team Create places on the start page.

You can see the avatars of the users who are currently in your Team Create places and their usernames by hovering over the avatars. Your active collaborators are visible both in List Mode and Grid View and this information is visible on the following tabs:

  • My Games
  • Recent Games
  • Shared With Me
  • Group Games

You can also see the same collaborator presence information on Creator Dashboard!

Many thanks to @kjtoastycrunch, @generaltso58, @ofcmeowmeowfuzzyface, @lovedanihonjin, @desserts_yumyum, @andrew_roblox2019, @lvyachao for making this possible!

We have started the rollout of this feature and it will reach 100% availability over the next few days.

As always, we’re committed to improving the Team Create experience, and we look forward to your feedback on this feature!

Please let us know if you have any questions below.

Thank you!


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Hey this is actually pretty cool!, it’s gonna help a lot to manage what devs are working and where.
can even help devs find the correct game they’re supposed to be on which is specially useful for groups with a lot of places.
Amazing update!

Are there any plans to add this to the website’s creator page aswell?
I think it would be pretty nice to see who’s on the team create without having to open studio.

edit: i just re-read it again it completely went through my head, but considering that this is already in i have another question; will the future invisible mode update coming out affect the status display on the team create page? will becoming invisible also hide you from the team create page?


Quick question, are you able to hover over their icon and see their username/display name? Would be a quick addition if not!


Looks good as always, I think it’s the 3rd update today


Not particularly a fan of team create, but this is pretty cool.


Yes you can! We are rolling it to 100% very soon, let me know how it is when you get a chance to try it!


This looks pretty awesome. How does this work with people who have their presence set to “No one” for website status? Will it still work with that?

Pic for what I mean:


Hey, I know this is unrelated, but the recent update (576) changed the appearance of the line that separates the privacy status from the game icon & name. The previous update (575) had lines that were greyer, which blended well, but the current lines look very jarring.

Was this intentional?

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That is great update! :+1:
I have one idea - what about presence history, where we will able to see who was in that place at what time?


hi @supertom145 curious how you would use such a history view - can you elaborate more?

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Though I don’t use Team Create that much, that is interesting to see.
Now I can know who is editing in that experience.

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This is an “OK” update I mean there is nothing special about this, the only good thing is you would know who is working on the file.

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This could be used incase of a developer going rouge, tracks who are on studio, and for teams that like to manage who comes out and in there studio. I was tempted to make this a thing, but I have no API that I could hook onto and fetch if a user is on studio or not.

I’ll elaborate as someone who used to work in a team.

Presence History, in this term, would let the developers of the team know who entered the place, at what time.
Similarly to scripts, who we can see who edited it and what changes they made, this would allow the team to see if anyone made sneaky changes.

This is actually a very needed feature - we need to know who’s entered the place and made changes. This is the only way to know that, in context of someone modifying a game without anyone knowing, who did so. Unfortunately for now, we only know that if someone else is present and actually sees it.

A less important reason… To keep track of your team, if they’re doing their job. I mean, the above reason, is still more important.

Used to work in a team with around 30 other fella. We never knew who was deleting stuff, so I think this is quite the useful feature. A history such as:

  • User joined the place at X hour
  • User left the place at X hour

would already be enough. But were this history to behave like Scripts:

  • User joined the place at X hour
  • User edited Instance:
    • Moved Instance to…
    • Changed Instance.Property to…
  • User deleted Instance

… this would be even better. A full log of the team. Not sure if this breaks any limits, but if it’s something achievable - please consider it for the sake of us developers.

Probably already requested in #feature-requests, but just saying it again, since they mentioned Presence History.


Nice update, I’m always a fan of team create QOL improvements & additions.

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This is actually really good for us developers who have 30 games in are studio all devoted to testing. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s taken this long. I do have a few recommendations though to help with organization:

  • I’d recommend a feature where it shows the last major change made by that user. Some games have gotten fully deleted with 5 users in Team Create and I’m not sure how I could find said exact user.

Those are my only recommendations to add, overall this is amazing!

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We’re separately exploring the concept of an Activity Feed on an experience so that creators can have transparency and accountability of work.
What are the most interesting activities for you to see as a collaborator and why? (these can be changes related to actual edits made in the place e.g. script changes, property changes, etc. or Exp configuration changes e.g. publish status, add/removal of collaborators, Game settings update, etc. or anything else!)


Is a search bar planned to be added on Creator dashboard to find a place quicker and in studio (if it doesn’t have one yet) never open places through studio.

Cool update, now I can search through my hundreds of games and find the correct one easier!

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