Preset Costumes from the Metaverse Champions Bundles do not appear in the Avatar Editor

Affected Items:

Affected Page:

None of the preset costumes for the following Metaverse Champions event avatar bundles (Fey Yoshida, AJ Striker, Sparks Kilowatt, Wren Brightblade) appear in the “Preset Costumes” section of the avatar editor on PC, Mobile, or Xbox. This is strange, because all the other contents of the bundles (I own all four) are available in my Inventory and can be used.

Looking at the actual bundle pages on my end reveals that the “Item Owned” text and green checkmark do not appear, leading me to believe that all the other contents were awarded but the preset costumes and bundle assets themselves weren’t?


My latest owned preset costumes. The costumes for the Metaverse Champions characters do not appear.


Left arms from all four bundles, proof that I’m supposed to own them.

The affected bundle pages as viewed from my account. The “owned” checkmarks do not appear like they would for other bundles.


For some reason, nobody got the bundles. However, that’s a problem with the game itself and not Roblox.


Would this be more of an engine bug then, due to it possibly involving the system Roblox uses for transferring items to user inventories in-game?


I think the bundles themselves have been given in other cases iirc (the Aquaman event). And I wouldn’t call that an engine bug if that’s the case - but a limitation.


This is an error on my part. When we attach assets to badges, we have to do each asset individually. For bundles, this means the head, arms, legs, animations, etc. I did not attach the “Costume” element of the bundle to the badge, resulting in the error you’re seeing. I’m looking into the feasibility of mass granting the “Costume” element depending on if players own other elements of the bundle.

Thanks for the post!


Since this post, several more event bundles have been released that share the same issue- the costumes are unobtainable, and the bundles are not fully owned as a result. When this is eventually fixed for the Metaverse Champions bundles, may these other bundles be looked into as well?

Steve’s Scoops Ahoy Costume
Robin’s Scoops Ahoy Costume
Eleven’s Starcourt Splatter Costume
Will the Wise Costume
Demogorgon Costume
Hazmat Suit
Young Nezha
Kid Nezha
Nova the Galaxy Scientist
Forest Elf

Hello! Can you tell me if this issue still occurs?; or can we close the topic? Thank you!

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Hi there. Yes, this issue still persists with all the mentioned bundles.