Pressing enter to create a function or table unfolds all code under it

When typing anything that creates an end automatically, pressing Enter at the end unfolds all folded code under it when the end is added. There is also a bug where some lines containing end are hidden after all of the code is unfolded. Since it is hard to explain, I made a short video showing this bug.

As you can see, when pressing Enter after the parentheses of a function, all folded code under it, but not above it, unfolds. This also happens with tables ( {} ), do, for, if, elseif, else, and while. Also, line 26, which contained an end, was still hidden when everything else appeared.

To reproduce:

  • Create a function, if statement, for/while loop, etc.
  • Fold that function using the arrow to the left of the line
  • Now add another function above that function, and press enter after the parentheses. The first function you created will now be unfolded.

This bug has existed for at least a few weeks, but I just haven’t bothered to make a bug report for it until now. I think it started around the time that Script Editor - New Foundation and First Features was posted, and is likely because of the new script editor that was mentioned in that post.


Hi Fire540Games,

Thanks for reporting so clearly! We found this issue and will release fixed version in few days :grinning:

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