Pressing ESC to close AvatarEditorService outfit prompts will not fire corresponding events, hanging forever

For all AvatarEditorService methods that prompt the user to do something, pressing esc on your keyboard will normally close the prompt UI and fire the method’s corresponding “Completed” event with Enum.AvatarPromptResult.PermissionDenied. However, outfit-related events do not fire, causing outfit-related methods to hang forever. This happens 100% of the time as of 5/23/2023.

This applies to:

  • PromptCreateOutfit() and PromptCreateOutfitCompleted
  • PromptDeleteOutfit() and PromptDeleteOutfitCompleted
  • PromptRenameOutfit() and PromptRenameOutfitCompleted
  • PromptUpdateOutfit() and PromptUpdateOutfitCompleted


  • Call any outfit-editing method of AvatarEditorService, such as PromptCreateOutfit().
  • On the prompt window, click “Yes” to confirm that you want to create a new outfit. You can ignore this step for the other 3 affected methods (Delete, Rename, and Update).
  • If it asks you to enter an outfit name, click out of the TextBox, otherwise pressing esc will just unfocus the current TextBox.
  • Press esc on your keyboard. The window will close, but PromptCreateOutfitCompleted will not fire. This means that you cannot call PromptCreateOutfit() again since Roblox thinks that an outfit creation is still in progress.


AvatarEditorService outfit bug repro.rbxl (51.3 KB)

Here is a simple repro place showcasing this bug. Clicking “Create Outfit” will call PromptCreateOutfit() and update the status label to indicate that an outfit creation is currently in progress, disabling the button.

When the outfit prompt closes, PromptCreateOutfitCompleted fires, and the status label updates to indicate that an outfit can be created again, re-enabling the button. However, if you were to press esc to close the prompt, the status label will not update, since PromptCreateOutfitCompleted does not fire in that case.

This does not showcase the other 3 affected methods (Delete, Rename, and Update), but they would work the same.


We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information!

Thanks for the report!

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Thanks for your report. I have created a fix for this issue that should be rolling out in a few weeks time.


This fix has now been shipped. Thanks again for reporting this bug!


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