Pressing escape rapidly a couple times breaks controls

Since today, maybe last night, I’ve been having reports of people losing all control in game after opening the menu, on all platforms. Figured it might be because I was messing around with keybinds, but I’ve been able to repro it 100% of the time in a couple different games.

-join a game
-walk around
-hit esc a couple times real quick
-lose all ability to move, forced to rejoin


I can replicate this

Having the same exact issue, but this happens without me pressing escape. I literally can’t click any UIs, move, etc and all keybinds break.

Been happening to me too

Any news on a fix?

I was having an issue with this in Studio, however I can’t reproduce it now.

We have found the cause of this issue and are looking into turning off the flag that caused the issue.


Yea, I notice this too. I have hot-binds for a few attack moves and when I spam esc, the binds stop working. But it happens in different games so it’s a weird bug that for sure.