Pressing F11 resets my character stats?

Hello. I am having a really strange issue where when I press my F11 key, my WalkSpeed gets set to 16, Health to 100, and a “Power” value for a weapon gets set to 49 (Default is 50). I am not sure what is causing this. However I have attempted to search for any script or line that would set my stats to those values. I have attempted to search for “Speed = 16” in different variations and “Health = 100” in the Find All / Replace All menu. I have also searched for “Keycode.F11” and put print statements behind all scripts that would set my speed to 16. I have not found anything using those methods. Any help is appreciated to find out why this happens.

I have found out that since pressing F11 changes the window resolution, it also seemingly makes changes to a gui property since it’s getting the “Changed” property of the gui object.

I found out since windowing Roblox changes the resolution of the window, it seemingly makes changes to gui’s which in turn can trigger the “:Changed()” function