Pressing jump button while testing for mobile makes the player turn towards that button in top-down game

I’m testing the mobile controls for a game with a top-down view with the emulator and when I press the jump button the player turn towards that button. How do I disable that? Or does this only happen in the emulator?

Also, are the mobile buttons still so sensitive when actually playing on a mobile device? Because it’s almost impossible to just press one of the mobile buttons once with the mouse, and moving the mouse with the left button down keeps triggering it.

I’d love to hear what the best practices are here.

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This is a studio bug. It enables this shiftlock-like functionality, even when you don’t want it to. Your character rotates towards the center of the screen, but in your case it must be the 2nd variant of the bug where it rotates towards the mouse.

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I see, when you say studio bug does that mean that in the playable version that won’t happen?

I looked around but may have missed it, but is there really no way to play test our own games/places with the Roblox mobile app?

I believe so.

You should have a mobile device, either a phone or tablet.

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I have an Android phone, so no Developer App unfortunately.

Thank you for the information!

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For anyone reading this and is having problems with the mobile buttons being/appearing too sensitive, the BindAction fires twice when pressing it so the function attached to it also runs twice. Easy to fix with a debounce boolean.

I tried my game on mobile and the same thing happens; whenever I press a mobile button the player turns to forward where was pressed making the game unplayable.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I don’t know what’s going on here, but this issue was mentioned a few times in a bug report.

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Thanks again for responding, I’m happy to say I found out the problem. My game has a top down view and a script that makes the player turn towards the mouse, this is what was causing the turn when pressing the screen. By adding a condition to only have that script run on desktop solved that.

I also used mouse.hit.p for where to shoot which of course doesn’t work because that makes you shoot at where you press the fire button so I have to add some kind of cursor/crosshair mouse pointer substitute which will replace the mouse.hit.p in a separate shoot function for the mobile version.

TLDR: I have a lot to learn about mobile :stuck_out_tongue:

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