Pressing two while holding down shift will stop the character

I think this bug popped up just recently. When you’re holding down shift(either left or right) and you press the “two” button, your character will stop moving. This bug only occurs in Studio.

Shift + 2 is a shortcut which highlights the move increment under the “Model” tab in studio.



You can find a list of studio shortcuts here.

I can see how the current behavior could get in the way of testing in some edge cases where the user sets Shift + 2 or another shortcut as a custom keybind within their game. Feel free to submit a feature request to change this behavior in some way, a suggestion which comes to mind is allowing the developer to enable/disable shortcuts while in testing mode.

This is the reason why this setting exists:


Just turn it off and you won’t see this issue anymore. What you are seeing is intended functionality.

Changing the hotkeys to something more complicated in an attempt to make them not collide with game shortcuts is just going to make the Studio experience worse for no particular reason.


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