Pressing 'Y' on XBOX Gamepad Freezes Character

What is the bug?
While playing Roblox on an XBOX with a gamepad, pressing the button ‘Y’ freezes your character, and prevents you from moving. To once again move again, I discovered pressing the button ‘B’ allows you to once again move.

How to repro?
Discovered the bug on my own game, but was able to reproduce it on other games on xbox, including ‘Natural Disaster Survival’ and ‘Super Hero Tycoon’. From my testing, it happens every-time.

Where does it happpen?
This bug only occurs while playing on XBOX with gamepad, while using a Desktop with gamepad does not have this bug.

Video of what happens:

When did it start happening?
Acording to my average visit time stats, roughly May 10th. Has significantly impacted my game as crucial game controls are controlled using the ‘Y’ Button, hoping this can be fixed soon or I’ll have to remap my controls.


I don’t have anything relevant to add, but we have the exact same monitor.


Sounds like the issue we had with the settings menu trying to bind in the background. Weird that it doesn’t happen on desktop with a gamepad; maybe Xbox is behind a version and doesn’t have the fix yet? I’ll turn off the flag for Xbox first thing tomorrow.

Sorry for the trouble!

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Hey, no worries!

Really appreciate it!

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Yep, confirmed! Looks like Xbox currently has 289 and the fix is in 290. Fortunately, this feature has nothing to do with Xbox so we can turn it off just for Xbox.

Oddly enough, jmargh was just telling me on Friday that he saw the bug in a new release but not in the current production version… maybe I’ll have to investigate some more.

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@silky_dev - This issue should be fixed. Can you verify that you are no longer seeing this bug?


Yup! Working great now!

Thanks for the quick fix!


Great - thanks for the report!


@0xBAADF00D and/or @colnago83

The same bug that I reported on and that was fixed by you on this thread in May has returned to Xbox. Noticed this after my player count starting falling off again - according to my stats around July 25-26ish. Did the broken version some how make it back into the app?

Bug remains the same - pressing ‘Y’ freezes the character, however this time to unfreeze and walk again I’ve found that you must press ‘B’.

Thanks for the quick response!

A separate problem came up. I’ve fixed it once and for all this time, should be released soon.