Pressure Plate System prototype

A while back I made this pressure plate system while live on Twitch for a viewer, and I ended up demonstrating why using .Touched is absolute doodoo. (The system uses magnitude instead)

I’m just dropping this here if anyone wants to experiment with a simple/naive pressureplate system.
This uses magnitude instead of .Touched, so there are a few caveats to this system.

  • “Box” tool has to be under workspace when game starts
  • Pressure plate has spherical “hitbox”
  • You have to add boxes that can press the pressure plate manually in DoorPressureplate.lua
  • The system assumes all boxes are the same size.

It wouldn’t actually be all that hard to make a system without any of these issues, but I’ve got better things to do (like college assignments, or actually shipping a successful games instead of just posting community resources). I might consider making something better if enough people genuinely want/need a good pressure plate system, but there’s no point in me making something no one is going to use.

If I made a better version, would you use it?
  • I wouldn’t use it
  • I’d think it’s cool but wouldn’t use it
  • I’d genuinely use it

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Fixed my game! I had no idea why the drop detection was so bad but now it works :blush:


Could you explain why .Touched is terrible?

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Im getting vibes that someone would try to make another Portal game out of this.

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Dang this reminds me of Breath of The Wild puzzles.


dude, dont you have tried before make a punch with touched? its quite terrible and its previsible that make a system like this one but with touched would be very terrible

and it doesnt remind you anything else like portal?

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I knew that stuff dealing with high speeds didn’t sit well with .Touched, but nothing seems to be moving super fast. The thing wrong with touched in this case (at least what I think it is) is that it might have trouble detecting when an object is or isn’t on the button.

This would be great for a puzzle or two-player teamwork game!

If you look at the model, I’ve included some commented code that works using .Touched.
It’ll work 90% of the time, but it’ll randomly not detect a touch.