Prestigious Builder & Modeler For Hire | Portfolio [COMMISSIONS OPEN]

About Me

-14 Year Builder
-9 Year Blender Modeler
-Quick and to best quality
a.) Finishing everything as quickly but perfectly as possible is how I get things done
b.) I take my job and reputation seriously so doing my best work is how i roll
-Efficient, any detail, any style
a.) Low Poly, High Poly, Cartoony, blocky and more.
I am currently involved in 1 project of my own and another with Kensizo.

–I am looking for side work before games release, it can be long term depending on payment, but I work every day almost all day.

(()) - - I must include my thought process on building so you understand a little bit about me. I have studied building and architectural design for 4 years. I spent a lot of time watching videos on professional ROBLOX developers explaining a lot about building and what it takes for certain game making abilities.
My understanding on map flow, formidability, and game-to-gameplay knowledge is top tier. I know everything it takes to build a game to where it influences success and easier understand/fun playing.
Obviously that statement above is influenced by the idea and coding, but it still stands to its point of that I will deliver only the best.

---- I’ve made hundreds of weapons(guns/swords), I’ve made many models like plants, trees, cars, monsters, animals, pets, simulators, food, and really just anything.


These are not all of my models. I also know how to build and do map design, but I just prefer to
present myself with models.

Random Models

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Some of my Work

I will show anything you would like to see once I am contacted.
Make sure to read everything so you understand my work.
Image examples provided on showcase above.


I am available every day all day.


-Worked on Fishing Simulator, Blade Of Honor, and I have worked with ColdDeveloper, TheLegendOfPyro, Alucidus, kensizo, spynaz, and more. (This is important to include so you are aware of people I’ve worked with and can verify these things by locating to my account LargeICEE).
I also made 3 simulators with Kensizo that are top notch beyond ROBLOX game style expectations.


Aus#9362 - This shows some of my work - This shows some of my work
On a real note, thank you for viewing my portfolio.


I understand your payment methods, but why wouldn’t you post more of your work on your portfolio and add a watermark? Right now, for instance, I’m at work and I don’t have access to my pc, and my internet can’t handle playing Roblox right now. I can’t exactly see how good you are without pictures, and I definitely wouldn’t hire you before seeing more of your work. I recommend posting more here.

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Love the portfolio, but definetely should post more work. We have no idea what your quality looks like from looking at your portfolio, and most of us aren’t going to bother to play the game to check out the assets. Maybe consider adding a few. Other than that, keep up the great work!

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Would definitely appreciate easy access to work images, as thats the whole purpose of a portfolio.

Your discord doesn’t seem to work and your Twitter is not accepting dms. Try to dm me on discord T.o.p#2416, or twitter, Splattergames1

Updated portfolio
-Added past works of models.
-Added more payment methods

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Highly recommend! I’ve worked for him and he’s amazing at modeling. He’s a very hard working and dedicated developer!

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Thanks bro. No time to waste. I highly recommend you as a pro sfx designer.

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Would definitely be interested, although not much past work is shown, especially building wise.

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I tried messaging you, although your DM’s are closed on discord. My handle is FlashNAND#1419 :slight_smile:

Updated my Portfolio!
-New pricing (only USD)
-Quicker work cause in need of money fast