Prevent a model from rolling

I have three body movers within a root part of my model.
The body position prevents the model from falling due to gravity, with its max force set to (0, inf, 0).
While the last two, body velocity and “rotation gyro” (a body gyro) makes the model move and rotate respectively.

I’ve heard you could use a body gyro to prevent a model from rolling however I’m already using a body gyro to rotate the model, is there any other solution for this?


If you are already using a BodyGyro to rotate the model, then the model shouldn’t be rolling unless you’re telling the BodyGyro to make it roll. Make sure your BodyGyro has enough power, make sure it’s MaxTorque isn’t too low, and ensure that you’re setting a CFrame for the bodygyro.

Hm in that case It’s probably a problem with the orientation of the model.
I tried resetting the orientation on key pressed by setting the orientation to, 0, 0). However that just does this?:
What am I missing here?

By the way, the original problem had to do with my model “rolling” after steering the model for a while, although this might have something to do with its orientation.