Prevent character from changing when dying/resetting

I’m working on a character customization screen.

Each time someone dies or resets, they get set back to the starter character
(Before resetting)
(After resetting)

How do I prevent this?


When u are done with the character customization just clone the character and put it as StarterCharacter
(With localScript) and make sure u delete(If u have) the Old StarterCharacter(From local Script)

This doesn’t seem to work.
I tried cloning it and putting it as startercharacter (script below) in a localscript

local newStarterCharacter = CustomCharacter:Clone()
newStarterCharacter.Name = "StarterCharacter"
newStarterCharacter.Parent = game.StarterPlayer

I did the same with trying to clone a hat, and putting it on the startercharacter

I’m not sure whether StarterCharacter can be managed locally, since the server copy would likely take precedence. The replication of the StarterCharacter is done on the server, I believe.

The best alternative approach which I’d recommend is to store all the clothes/customized properties of each player on the server and re-add all the saved properties when a character is added into the game.

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I can’t say why your starter character is not updating without more detail. It does need to be done on the server and you shouldn’t use it for individual character customization since everyone will use it to spawn. Instead you need to have an individual loadout you can load for each player when they spawn. Humanoid description is the new system to do this