Prevent Members from requesting Forum features

If we Members are unable to give Studio and Engine feature requests directly without going through Developer Engagement, why should we be allowed such privilege in this category? This would be more balanced.

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I think that’s because the forum is an open place to EVERYONE. So everyone should be able to post their concerns and ideas to the forum.


Because ROBLOX should take all members’ feedback/requests. If they limit it to higher ranks, there will be less good suggestions when it comes to Feature requests.

The forum is separate to the rest of the Roblox platform.

For whatever reason they’re happy with us reporting forum bugs / feature requests but as for Roblox itself that’s restricted to TL2 - both areas are separate.


This is most likely correct, and it’s probably the reason why TL1 and TL2 users are treated differently in this regard. I don’t see a reason as to why this should be changed; the only issue some TL1 users present is misusing the #forum-feedback categories, but that’s more or less the same for most categories at this point.


Okay, isn’t Roblox Studio open for everyone too?

When talking about bugs and features on the main site, or Studio, you’ll need a lot more thecnical info wich memberd ussualy don’t know how to provide. (i’m a member). Regulars are much more experienced people.

In the forum, you don’t really need such technical knowledge

You got to understand that some members actually post good things, right?

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It does takes knowledge to know how to make any sort of suggestion that benefits a community weather it be here on the forums or something related to an engine / studio feature. ‘Experience’ is not limited to Forum rank alone. I have over a decade of experience as a developer, yet I’m a member, unable to have most of my feature / bug reports seen by Developer Engagement private messages. I feel like the same should apply for this section.

Just to clarify, as a Regular myself, your experience as a developer doesn’t count to the promotion criteria. TL1 users used to post in Platform Feedback through PA which was discontinued.

Ever since, no alternative has been introduced, but I believe this new Bug Report Wizard will soon be open to everyone - including TL1 users.

Personally, I find this topic as a rant for Platform Feedback being locked down, rather than the thing that you’re requesting on the OP itself.

As it has already been stated above, there’s a difference between those categories. You need some technical knowledge in Platform Feedback, but I can’t tell the same for the forum feedback category. Requests there could even be things such as “Lock Development Discussion for TL1 users down”.

However, in Platform Feedback, you also need to be able to use the Search bar. You’d be wasting the engineers’ time if you just posted a duplicate topic.


We want the forum to be as open as possible. The current state of bug reports and feature requests categories is undesirable and we have teams working on alleviating those problems. The recent bug reporting wizard is one of the first steps towards a better and more open setup.

Forum Features currently provides a sufficiently high signal so I see no reason to lock this down currently.

In the future please make sure your feature requests are made in good faith and follow the feature request guidelines: About the Forum Features category