Prevent player from pushing mech

As seen in this video whenever I propel into this mech with a lot of force it tweaks out.

It is not a humanoid NPC and instead a custom one I made with align orientation and align position.
All of the parts except for the PrimaryPart are massless and changing it causes both of the aligns to glitch.
Increasing the density of the mech also causes the physics to break.
Anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this?

It sounds like you need to figure out how to increase the Density of the Parts so the player doesn’t overpower its movement.

What are the Values of Properties like the MaxForce, MaxVelocity etc. in your AlignPosition and AlignOrientation?
If they aren’t high enough then your moving Avatar might be overpowering them.
Also mess around with the RigidityEnabled, ReactionForceEnabled, and Responsiveness.
Try increasing the Density while you are playing with the above Properties.

All of these factors may need to be adjusted to get what you want. It’s kind of like tuning a cars engine or suspension. Changing one small variable can require changing others as well to get things to work properly.

I think I need to just configure the properties more, thanks!

Fixed it by changing max force and max velocity to math.huge and for some reason lowering density. Thanks!

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