Prevent Studio from forcing the focus on itself

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to work with external programs in other windows, along with Studio, because Studio Studio changes the focus to itself the whole time…
For example:

  1. Open Studio and while Studio is loading, open any program with fast loading, like a text editor: you are using the editor, but when Studio finishes its loading, it forces the focus to itself, so I have to return manually to the editor every time.
  2. Stop a game inside Studio and quickly switch to the text editor (Alt+Tab): when Studio completely finishes its stopping process (write DataStore, shutdown server), it will again force the focus to itself.

It’s not normal behavior for a windows program. Actually, Studio is the only windows program the behaves this way.

However, if anyone still likes this behavior, it could be transformed into a Studio parameter, to let the user chose what is best.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I won’t have to go back to my text editor manually every time Studio does an operation. This will decrease the loss of concentration, increasing productivity.


Repro.rbxl (20.9 KB)

I am not able to reproduce the focus stealing while stopping a game that has a stopping process via BindToClose after entering play solo in the repro file, stopping it, quickly switching to Notepad, and waiting for Studio to end play solo. Can you provide a repro file where this happens?

For the other one, I have filed a bug internally. As far as we’re concerned, stealing focus is not an intended feature, so any time you encounter this, you can assume it is a bug.

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Thanks for your attention.

Here what happens when I open Studio:

  1. Studio steals the focus when finishes its loading.
  2. Studio steals the focus when loads a project:

And the focus stealing problem occurs in a specific situation: I have “On Unhandled Exceptions” ON; when a bug happens, Studio stops in this script line; there, if I stop the script and quickly goes to the external editor, when Studio effectively stops the game, the focus is stolen to Studio again.
Actually, I have an Autohotkey script for that, for when I press F6, it will change the focus to the Editor. And then I noticed that Studio is stealing the focus also in this situation.

I’m closing this topic because it seems it’s not a Studio problem:

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