Preventing a player's chat from replicating

Is there a way to prevent a player’s chat from replicating while they can still see their own chat as well as others’ chats? The intended use is muting players who abuse the chat. If they’re aware that they’re being muted they will just make another account. I’ve been searching for this in the devforum but haven’t come across it yet.


You need to get the Chat Service script that Roblox has and then you can edit it.

It has OOP and Metatables + a bunch of modules.

Look in ChatChannel, ChatService or Speaker, you should be able to find what you need.

If that was all he needed to know so that he could do what he wants, I believe he would of already done it.

If you know how to use OOP, Modules, etc you’d know to start in the Chat Module.

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