Preventing people from stealing my game

So some guy decided it would be smart to steal my entire work of my game because it apparently to him was a “copy” of another game so he said he had the right to steal it. He is now going to sell my scripts which i find horrible.

So. can i use selection to crash a player if they are trying to steal the scripts?

note: lp is the player

while true do
local clientBasher =“Part”)
clientBasher.Size =,10,10)
clientBasher.Parent = workspace

Please help me asap I don’t want me game being copied

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I don’t think you’re able to do this. Only local scripts and the map are saved but not server scripts anyway

it worked for me when i selected something from the client it crashed my client but im not sure what the stealing scripts no like so i have no way of tracking it down

The exploiter won’t be able to sell your server scripts, since they aren’t available to the client even if placed in a client side container and the exploiter won’t be able to decompile it either since the bytecode isn’t replicated. You cannot prevent an exploiter from copying your game builds and client scripts / instances.


Everything in workspace, replicated storage, the players instance can be stolen. Because it gets transferred to the players computer to render and play on but the only thing they can’t steal is server sided scripts. The places they can’t access are server sided containers like server storage and server script service. If your placing something in a local script or workspace everyone who plays it will be able to access it since it gets stored on their computer. Put any valuable or big source code on the server to prevent it getting leaked

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Hi @Frepzter There is only one way to prevent this, which is with memory.

however in a big game it can be ineffective and give false errors.
The only thing that now works to prevent them from stealing the map is Cristal Anti Cheat
It Also prevents DEX and many other exploits, There can always be a risk of it being bypassed, but I think it’s the most efficient right now.

if you have no experience on creating anti exploits yourself that can prevent these expoits
I advise you to rely on anti cheats made by other people

I hope I have helped you :+1:


you can’t really stop this, all you can really do is report it to Roblox, he can never access your server scripts, unless it’s on the client which I think you can’t even get from decompiles.


Umm that link doesn’t feel very safe what is it? why is it offsite?

it’s a anti-cheat made by a developer.

It’s safe, Don’t worry, As they advise, Join in their communication server for more information.