Preview rbxassetid strings in script editor

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to know what images I’m using in my code when working with Roact or in other situations where I’m setting rbxassetid in code (e.g. images in UI).

Roblox should automatically evaluate what kind of asset the rbxassetid I currently have selected in the script editor is and show a preview in a popover window.

We currently have a popover for the Color3 preview and color picker, it would be useful to reuse this to show a preview of the image, model thumbnail, etc. in a hovering window when I select a string that contains rbxassetid.


If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to immediately understand which part of the UI this particular element refers to without having to play my game and manually check.

It’s actually slower to play my game and check than it is to go to, open the catalog, click on a random asset, and change the ID in the URL bar.


Would this work with other content formats such as rbxasset, rbxgameasset, rbxthumb, and rbxtemp?


That might be useful, but my specific needs are just for assets. Rbxasset and rbxgameasset would be relevant.

Rbxthumb seems niche, and I’m not sure the use-case for rbxtemp. If it’s simple to add support for these though obviously they’re desirable for completeness’ sake.

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It would also be useful for me if it included these as I use them for getting more flexible sizes of image variations, so I can upload an image at say 1024x1024, but scale it down to 96x96 for client usage. This is so I won’t have to upload multiple variations myself per asset. I know that rbxthumb should be used over it, but as far as I know for assets, that only allows 150x150 and 420x420; while the one below lets me do at least ten sizes.[id]&width=420&height=420&format=png

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