Previous text of Messages missing since a week

Description of bug:

When I receive a reply, it never has any previous message text attached, just the last message that the user sent to me. When I send a reply myself and I explicitly have the box ticked to include the previous text, the reply text is not sent along to the person.

Why this is a bug to me:

This makes communicating really hard because I have to go look for the previous text myself in Archive/Sent. When I don’t know when exactly the user/myself has sent the previous reply, I have to look through several pages of messages to find it, instead of just having it available at a glance.

Frequency and reproduction steps:

The bug happens 100% of the time when sending/receiving a reply, with the “include previous message” tickbox enabled. The previous text is not attached to the reply as it is supposed to.

When did the bug start happening:

About a week ago. The last reply I sent/received that had the previous text properly attached was on June 23-24ish, after that all messages have the previous text erroneously missing.


This is still an issue. I’ve been getting more messages that usual for the last couple of weeks, and because of this bug it’s nearly impossible to respond and follow up the messages.

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This is still an issue, can we get an update?

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This is fixed now, thanks for the quick response, if possible a heads-up next time would be nice.

Sorry for the lack of communication, didn’t see this post until after I fixed it. Thank you for reporting this though :slightly_smiling_face:

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