Price estimation on my builds please

Hello! It’s the Norwegian guy that is selling his self as a translator and some assets here!

I have one big issue. What is the value of my items? I have three different items for sale with some interrest but still no sale. Could it be because I overprice them? 150 for the random roman building. 299 for Marble Arch and 100 for Column of Phocas.
What do you think the assets are wourth?

This is the items.

Column Of Phocas
Phocas (This is the bottom part. This picture is from when it was still undone.)


Marble Arch (Colors here does look better in daylight.)

Random Roman building

Thank you for your feedback. I am thankful for critism as it would make me better.


Your builds are easily worth 5k on total. I just did not understand what this image was for:

Hmm, you think it’s wourth 5k in a total? Only selling them for 549 in a total.

That picture was for showing 4 different parts used to create detail for the most pointy ones. Talking about peoples like me, yes. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Your build has a lot of details in it, I really like it. I think everything in total is worth about 2-3k Robux.


All the builds look very nice, I’d say about 1-2.5k robux in total.

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Wow! these are amazing builds! I would say 3-4k for all of them would be a fair price.

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I could disagree with almost everyone here. I am not saying this because I am the buyer of one of the assets, but these builds are not worth 5k robux.

Overpriced and just flat out of the ball park, wrong. These would never “easily” be sold for 5k.

Reasonable, but I do not think it would ever go higher than 2.5k

A bit overpriced.

Reasonable, but yet again, a bit overpriced.

For both of the builds, I would say maybe around 500-1000 robux in all. There was just a recent post I saw an hour ago, and this build is being priced at 400-800 robux and has a lot more parts, difference in size, shape, and detail. (This is the gyazo image not the link because I feel like advertising other builds is rude.)

I hope you (@race_guy09) would get some more accurate prices. I think you are getting people interested, but non of them are actually buying the assets because not many people need them. Most projects are simulators etc. We have chatted through message already and I do want to buy the Roman building.

No, you are definitely not overpricing your builds.

Hope all my advice helps!


Hey Coney! Concidering your points I do actually agree. 600-1k is fair price. So selling them for 549 in a total should be good.

Thanks for everyone else’ thought about the prices. Have a nice day further on! :slight_smile:

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Some of your builds are definitely better than others, but in total I’d estimate 750-1.25k robux is what I’d be willing to pay.


They all look really nice!

In total I would say around 1.25k for those.