Price Recommendations (CLOSED)

Hi! So I’m trying to earn some funds for myself, and decided to build a War Hammer to sell. I just want to know if, with texturing, if could possibly be worth around 500 R$? If not, I am looking for some pricing estimates, either higher or lower. I’ll finalize it on the one I best agree with.

UPDATE - The hammer will be scripted

The hammer

Please write your pricing feedback below

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Hey, although the hammer looks pretty decent, I don’t personally think it’s worth 500 Robux. I’d say it’s worth around 250 Robux possibly, that’s for also you to decide.

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Hey, just like Fxuzy said above its a nice hammer. Although it is lacking when it comes to detail. If you could add custom textures then it may be worth around R$200.

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It’s very undetailed so I would say about 50 robux.

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I’d say it is worth about 1 or 2 dollars worth of robux (Which is about 285 - 570 robux). If you add textures, or just a bit more detail, then it would be worth a bit more.

Please don’t undervalue your work such as the post / reply above my reply

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Thanks for the feedback, after I import it, I’m going to have someone script it for me, then probably between 400-500 robux


It is quite nice, would recommend adding some more material into it. I would say about 100-150 R$.

The hammer looks decent, but I think it’s worth 350 robux keep up the great worth though!

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