Price recommendations for boombox?

Hi in my spare time I’ve created a boombox and was wondering,
what would this be valued at? Personaly I’m the worst at critiqueing my own work and especially
at giving an estimate of what it would cost.


  • 46 parts
  • No unions/meshes
  • Build only, no scripts


Front side


Back side


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I would think that could be in the range of $50 - 100 R


Considering the size and complexity, I’d say it’s worth about 50 Robux. There is no guarantee someone is looking for a mini boombox too, so I suggest just keeping it or open sourcing it for free to people to use.


I think more realistically there aren’t that many people looking to buy just a boom box. If you’re trying to make R$/USD from building, you should build up a portfolio and then take commissions


That is very true. Most people are looking for a large project when purchasing something. Usually for example they dont want just the boombox they want the dance club that the boombox is used in with all of its parts.

You won’t find many people if any to buy a single model like that, but if I were to buy it I wouldn’t pay more than 25 robux.

Tbh I’d only pay like 10-50 Robux.

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Honestly, this is a good portfolio material, but not something I see getting sold in any foreseeable future.

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Since it’s only build material, I think a sweet spot would be 30 - 50 R$, still impressive though.

I would give it a exact 40-50 robux but i would say 50-90 robux if you make more detail eg maybe add small test for buttons or things etc

75 robux would be a decent price

I’d say around 50 to 150 robux, I really like the design, it’s unique and looks clean!

Oh, and at least it got used in Area Omega :wink: