Prices to gamepasses and products

I’m creating a game, and since i have never managed robux, or know if something is expensive or not (30 robux for me is expensive), i don’t know what price i should set to my products in my game, right now i got 3 products that i want to add:

1000 Nubits product: Nubits are a currency used to spend stuff that doesn’t benefict you or give you a special power (Pets/Skins/Emotes), you get 20 by winning a match.

V.I.P. Gamepass: 1.2 Xp - V.I.P. Gametag - Special skin.

Starter Pack: 1000 Nubits - Special skin - 1.2 Xp Boost for a day.

Those are my products, now, i don’t know what price i can set for them. Could you help me? Thanks :+1:


You’ll usually set a Robux price depending on how powerful the gamepass is,
in most case, the most expensive is the most valuable in the game.

Usually, dev like to offer prices for “Everyone”, Where you can offer cool content that are cheap, while still being able to attract peoples loaded with Robux that just wanna go ahead and abusively get their progress from early accessing contents and stats.

my game ranges from 25R$ to 4,000R$, some people actually buy the 4,000R$ product FYI.
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However, to make your game still welcoming “new users” and to let them able to make progress thought the game without being constantly in defeat (no chance in PvP or others visible difference) against consumers, it’s best to overprice products that are seemingly abusive, just to make it rare overall and shouldn’t hindrance other’s experiences.

Rarity of a power is also what’s kind of attract people to buy it, if they’re really into the game.


Not going into detail, just going to shoot some prices

No clue how long a match lasts for but I value 1 min of the average players time at 5R$
If a match takes 5 mins then I would value 20 at 25R$
25x50 = 1250R$ (Assuming a match takes 5 mins)

Really depends if Xp is a hard or soft currency, mostly aesthetic so ur looking at 289-389


Converting a user from F2P to First purchase is key. give them a good deal.

For you yes, but this is all interpretation. personally to me an expensive gamepass / dev product is upwards of 10,000 R$ and as @kenami stated, these expensive, ‘OP’ products are key to a game’s business model if run correctly. a great example is Big Paintballs dark matter gun.

As for the average robloxian, my friends would most likely consider 1,000R$ expensive with the 200-400R$ price range arguably being optimum for things like gamepass sales.

From experience tho, small, repeatable transactions do a lot better then big ones, and I mean a lot.

Your game sounds like a shooter / murder mystery (or similar model) so sell skin crates for say, 38R$ a go. To the average player thats 50 cents (not dev ex rate since irrelevant), so they think ‘no harm in buying another, since its so cheap’, say they end up buying 10. that small 50 cents - 1$ turned into 5$ very quickly, meaning it is a lot easier to sell to a user then a larger item.

Also honestly take advantage of things like loot boxes while you can (keep track of roblox rules on it, currently you are only required to accurately show chances) ‘gambling’ products I doubt will be allowed in a few years.

Ok maybe im going into a little more detail then I intended

Let me show you the basic path of an optimum player.

Joins game having spent no R$ - 5 mins in spots a cool starter pack with a 30 min timer - buys it an converts to a first purchase user - eventually they get bored of that stuff, due to being good at the game. they now want to progress faster - they spot and buy, say 2x Xp, converting them to a Second-purchase user. Then they go mad only joking THEY MUST BE THE BEST IN THE GAME They spent 10,000R$ getting a super exclusive skin turning them into A whale, if everyone was a whale lets just say 99% of roblox devs would be billionaires.

You can also explore the route of pleasure players, people who will buy stuff to enhance their experience (a prime example would be a DLC) these also tend to be ‘wealthier’ robloxians and are willing to spend a bit more cash.

just realised I got very off topic at some points, hope it helps anyway


What website do you see that on?

He just said it!:

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It’s really difficult to suggest which prices you could set, especially for the in-game currency. How valuable is 1000 nubits in your game? If it’s valuable, then you could obviously set it to a higher price in the range of: 250 - 500 Robux as it is just skins and aesthetics. If it was something else that would give you an advantage, you could multiply that price by two or three depending on the balance of such advantages.

My suggestion:

1000 Nubits: 150 - 300 Robux.

VIP Gamepass: 400 - 800 Robux.

Starterpack: 250 - 350 Robux.

Hope it helps you.

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I will try to give more information about Nubits:

Every match duration is about 2-5 minutes, the game consists in some fun activities (FPS, Capture the flag, pass the parcel, deathrun, minigames, etc.) surviving one match, you will recieve 20 nubits, the most cheapest thing in the shop costs 300 nubits.

About xp: if you are new at the game, you will need 20 XP to level up, you get 10 XP by winning, and when you level up, you will need 1.5x more XP to level up, and you will get 10-20 Rubits, Rubits is a currency where you can buy perks or boosts which can let you win a match more easier, and you can’t buy them with robux or get them in another way, for now.

What a great topic. I have been wondering this too. But as a ‘influencer/player’ I see many people don’t have or can’t get ROBUX so a wide range of price options would help. But always keep in mind the Monthly Limits people receive as Premium members because they can’t spend what they don’t have.

I’m thinking my game passes might start at R$50 and range to R$400 for the standard game passes. And upwards of R$1000 for a bundle.

Just remember the bulk of the ROBLOX community never ever have ROBUX. But the ones that do are happy to spend it :slight_smile: So if they don’t spend in your game they will somewhere else.

Well, it’s gonna take you quite a lot of time to gain those Nubits then, here are my recommended prices:

1000 Nubits: 400R$
VIP Gamepass: 600R$
Starterpack: 500R$

Your cheapest currency purchase should be around 50R$ and the most expensive one at around 1000R$.

Hope it helps ya.