[Pricing Help] Low Poly Nature Pack


I made this Low Poly Nature Pack and I’m planning on selling it. Because it is a pack it will be resold. I need some help on pricing it, and if you have any suggestions or ideas of things I could add, let me know!

The Pack


Leaves are separate from trunks, berries are separate from bushes, etc. This allows you to easily change colors and sizes of everything in the pack.


Thanks for taking the time to look at this post, I value your opinion! :smiley:


Hey God_Zeal,

It looks good in my opinion. I would sell it for 100R$-200R$.
I think I would let it like that. (If you can smooth everything more out.) :ok_hand:

  1. Im about 75% sure that reselling objects on the DevForums isn’t allowed.
  2. I’d say about R$ 150 minimum for everything alltogether. R$ 400 maximum.

-ZehTopHat :tophat:

Reselling assets is allowed, and if anything it’s in a grey area (90% sure it’s allowed though)

Thanks for the pricing help, though! 150-400 sounds good, I’ll try to increase the detail and add some stuff to try to make it 500.

didn’t you used to be WalkingTalkingTopHat?

It all depends on the license you have for the assets. Most licenses prohibit the direct reselling of assets as a single item or bundle. Commercial licenses usually only allow for them to be used in a product.

If you bought the assets from another developer here on the forums, and there was no legal license given, then it’s a grey area. Generally speaking however, re-selling assets is frowned upon as you are profiting at the expense of someone else’s work as well as taking credit for something you did not make yourself.
If however, a license was specified and it explicitely states what you can and cannot use the assets for, then reselling the assets would be a breach of a license and thus can get you into legal trouble.

He pretty clearly stated in the original post that he made the asset in question, so it isn’t really even a question of “reselling”.

Oops, I must have misread that part, hence the confusion with “Because it is a pack it will be resold”.

However, my response is still perfectly valid in regards to the debate of whether or not reselling is allowed.

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Yeah me too, but Im pretty sure that this is his 2nd post on this, maybe its not and Im just crazy, but I think that in the first one he said his friend made it.

At the most 500R$! Good job and it and hope you sell it.

I made a post for my friend, those were seperate assets made by him. I had the post taken down, because at the time I didn’t know you couldn’t post for others. These assets were made by me, and by resold I meant it will be sold to multiple people. I hope this clears things up :smiley:

OH well then that makes far more sense

i suggest making the rocks a bit more natural looking maybe? and i say sell it for 500 - 1000 robux

I would sell it for 300 - 500, some of them are copy pasted with a bit of color change and resizing

I’d recommend selling the whole pack for 350R$-500R$
Individual parts for 50R$

It is a very nice pack!