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About me

I’ve spent today building this beautiful medieval fantasy build. I think it looks really nice and is ready to sell, but I am absolutely horrible with pricing. I was thinking around the 3-4k range.


The Build

The build can also be played here


I was thinking around the 3-4k but let me know what you think below because I am horrible with pricing.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I’d rate about 1-1.5k It’s a nice map but just not enough going on.

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Thanks! I am contemplating selling it as is or adding some NPCs with scripted dialogue and scripting the cave so when you walk into it you’re teleported somewhere (buyer decides where via a part)

If you maybe add some water into the cave (like its moist) and maybe some furnishings in the houses, you could sell it for around 4k. Is that including or excluding the 30% marketplace fee?

Also when you say buyer decides where via a part, I think using a GUI would be more effective. Unless you’re talking about teleportation pads.

I am talking about teleportation pads. I would have it so when you enter the cave you get teleported to a part (buyer can move the part where they need it)

I don’t really know, why? Are you interested in buying?

I was just wondering, that is all.

If you were selling it at 4K, you would only receive 2800 Robux, as Roblox takes a percentage. If you wanted to get the full 4K, you would have to sell it at 5715 Robux, which I think would be getting a bit over the top. Just keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

Good luck with completing this.

Yeah, but there is also group funds. Putting it into perspective 5715 is quite a lot!

I’m going to continue linking this post until devs learn that Studios typically just… don’t buy maps.

Don’t get me wrong, the stuff you have here is beautiful - I especially love the character of the pine trees - but selling an already made map just isn’t what people tend to buy, so asking for a price is kind of pointless.

Instead, I really urge you to create a portfolio with this piece in it :slight_smile:

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This is in my portfolio, and was mostly made for that :smiley:
However I can also list it as a sale if I want to, and if somebody wants to pick it up they can. I understand that somebody would rather make a build specifically for their game, but I can still sell it just incase, I recently sold a map for 2k and listed another for 3k and ended up selling a part of that map for 1k. If I can create these for my portfolio and make some robux off of it directly, why not do that.

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I say 5k robux for the whole thing.

Well, I think 5,000R$ is an ideal price.