Pricing Help on Map!

Created this Low Poly style gorgeous map, and I’m planning on adding more. However, I would like to know what you would price the current state of the map at, as I am thinking of selling it as is. Below are some images of the map, so you can take a look and rate the map yourself;

The Map

Thanks for your time!

: )

If I was to buy this, I would’ve given you anything from 2000-3000 R$


Is it something you’d be interested in buying? If so I could sell it to you :slight_smile:

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I am currently not interested in buying anything. I am working on a new project and already have a map. Sorry :confused:

Yep, it’s alright. I’m just happy to have received your input!

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I’m not the best pricer, but as GoldyyDev said, he priced it as 2000-3000 R$, I think it would go for a bit higher, maybe like 3500 - 3750.

With less copy-pasted trees and more variety in nature, 4000. As of currently, 3050

Map is currently on a bid for R$1500 here, if you are interested in bidding;
Thanks you all for your input :slight_smile:

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4k-5k Robux or 14-17.50 USD. It looks like it is plain and has tree spam. Other than that, the creative verticality of the map and the colors are alright.

I would say the map is worth around 1.5k at the moment, but you can charge more based on different designed trees (Different sizes and colors of the same trees work too)
and adding rocks help bringing more design to the map and brings up the price about an extra 2k.

I’d sell it for 1.5k - 2.5k.

Although there is great usage in the height of terrain, the first thing the already popped out to me was the repetitive use of the same tree.

You could possibly add different colour variants to the tree, different types of trees and different colours to the terrain.

Also vegetation would look nice, like flowers, bushes etc.

Good luck selling!