I made this UI pack. It’s the first one I made that I think is good enough to sell, but I don’t really know pricings on UIs, so I need some help. I would also like some feedback if you have any, but I’m mostly looking for help on pricing the pack. The pack is not scripted, and I have no intent to script it.

The UI

Again, this is the first UI I made that I decided was good enough to sell, but if you think otherwise let me know. The UIs have hover/pressed options as well (darker ones), for the ones that are buttons that I think would need it.

The UI


Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your feedback!


I can’t tell you much about the design, seems good to me but my concern is that not many people are looking for pre-made packs as it most likely won’t fit their needs for gui (ex: more place for info,different layout,icons). I am aware that you may do edits to make it fit for your costmer but if that’s the case I would do custom packs instead. This may all be false and there might be people that are looking for this but this is just my opinion.

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Looks good and all, but I really can’t rate it without some examples of it being used.
But, the red, green, and yellow image buttons (not sure if they’re meant to be buttons, but I think they are likely to be), aren’t aligned correctly, which gives it a “messy” look.
That’s all I can see with a simple overview, I may have missed some stuff.

For that template, 100 robuxs or less. But if it’s an actual commission where you have to add for example; twitter code frames, scrolling frames, list and padding and other stuff then it might be worth more. But right now, it looks really basic.

Alright, thanks! I just made it for fun/practise, and decided to sell it as well.

May I ask did you use Adobe XD and how long did this design take?

I did use adobe XD and about 40 minutes