Prince Hair Concept

A little prince hair concept I made based on the character Zuko from ATLA. lmk what you think of it and constructive criticism is appreciated!


This looks absolutely lovely! You should be very proud of this concept, I would definitely purchase this if it were a real hat on the catalog.

There isn’t much I would change except perhaps making the ponytail a bit more flat when coming down, since it looks a little bit stiff. Right now it sort of reminds me of those rthro hairs you receive when you purchase a package.

Otherwise, great work. I can’t wait to see what you make next. :smile:

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omg that is literally the nicest thing someone has said about any of my UGC concepts, thank you! :,(


No problem, I’m definitely sure you’ll get into the UGC program in the future as long as you keep trying!

If you’re this amazing at designing concepts now, I can’t imagine what godly creations you may make in the future. :grin:

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that for some reason doesn’t look like hair to me lol

but its still good.
Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 5.49.02 PM
only problem i have is with that part it looks weird with that line and the band looks weird too

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oh yes, thank you! Ill definitely work on that! :slight_smile: