Print letter by letter

I was wondering (if possible) how to print letter-by-letter from a string (or number by number in a numValue). I have tried many things, but they don’t do what I’m trying to achieve. I have tried the

for i=1,str,1 do


Method, But that doesn’t work. It prints it like this: h,he,hel,hell,hello.

What I’m trying to achieve is this:
I’m pretty new to dealing with strings, so I don’t know where to start.

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You can use the typewriter effect as described in this thread:

EDIT: If you want to print only one letter at a time, try this:

for i=1,#str,1 do
    print(sub(str, i, i))

Note the # to get the str length.

Would this method still work if I didn’t use it with a TextLabel but I used it with a variable instead?

Edit: I just saw your edit, and that works perfectly. Thanks!

I doubt it, as it’s supposed to be a text effect.