Printing ASCII Art

I’m wondering if anyone is able to support me with Printing out ASCII Art into console.

I have tried to follow this previous forum post for how to do it, but have failed miserably with this outcome

This is what’s in the script

Was just looking for anyone who could support me, Thanks!

Website Used to Produce the Tag
Figure Space Copied From Here

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What you’re forgetting is that the console has text wrapping, meaning that if it’s too narrow it’ll ruin the ASCII art.

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It’s better if you print each line individually which could keep the look. It’s also worth noting that spaces can have different sizes. It’s better to use something other than spaces.

I am using something called a “Figure Space” as someone suggested that in the forums post I linked (Here) where it seemed to have worked.

Hmmm maybe try using an almost invisible unicode character? Maybe periods could work?

The output uses normal text (which has different spacing for different characters). The script editor uses mono text, which has even spacing. This is why it looks off in the editor.

What do you mean by this? The text looks off in the console output, not in the Script Editor.

That’s what they mean. They say the output(console) uses a non-mono text font. This means that different characters have differently sized spacing(in pixels). Mono fonts(such as the one in script editor) have the same spacing for each character, and they’re useful for ascii art due to that property.

Ah, at the end when they said “This is why it looks off in the editor” I was confused thinking they meant Script Editor haha.

From what I can see here I’m guessing there is no known way to print it, despite me seeing product stores printing ASCII Art in console upon their scripts loading.