Prints and part name changes occur out of order at server start

PartNameBug.rbxl (44.9 KB)

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open the attached RBXL file
  2. Note the part named ‘Part’ in the Workspace
  3. Note the script in ServerScriptStorage that prints the parts name and THEN changes the part name
  4. Hit Play
  5. Notice how the print prints the name of the part AFTER it has been changed even though the print occurs before the part name is changed by the script.

Expected Behavior
The print should print the correct part name at the time of the print.

Actual Behavior
Part name prints with the name change which occurs after the print.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Debugging
Impact: Potentially high depending on how creators use part name changes
Frequency: Consistently


I did some investigation and as an interim solution it looks like if you turn off “Log Mode” in the Output then this will fix itself. I believe this is also the option that controls expanded tables and such, so you will have to pick whichever is more important for you.

The issue is this code is being run asynchronously, after the rest of the script runs – so it’s working as expected/designed.