Prints not showing up

So I am trying to make a script where if the Shield is parented to the StarterCharacter the StarterCharacter’s LeftArm weld will be welded to the shield, so it sticks.

However it doesn’t work, it just falls on the ground.
I tried debugging it with print statements, but I realized that wasn’t working too, the prints just don’t show up!

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

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You need to make sure you set the Part0 correctly.
The part0 is automatically set to nothing or the original startercharacter (I would assume)

just set the Part0 to the LeftArm and the Part1 to the Shield.

If this does not work make sure:

  1. make sure it’s a script not a localscript
  2. script is not disabled

Also send any errors you may have it none of this works.

That’s exactly what I did, but its just not attaching.

If I’m reading this correctly, none of your prints show up? because I’m pretty sure ln 1 will print.

You didn’t set part0 in the script tho

Absolutely none of them are printing! even the one in the front!

Is your messages and contexts are set to all? If not, setting them to all will solve the problem i think

Yes, they are on all but still it won’t print.

I found the issue, the script was located in a part that was in a StarterCharacter, where they don’t run.

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