Prison Cell (SNEAK PEAK)

Here, just a low poly Prison Cell!!

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The light that go through the window should have lower transparency, but I suggest you to edit the lightning, sunray of the game. The dirt & grass might need a different texture or you can also add grass terrain under the grass parts then enable Roblox’s grass ;-; However, you did a great job!

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Kinda reminds me of Jailbreak.

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Those crates appear to be free models, and don’t fit the vibe. Delete them, they don’t look good. Add more detail all around. Looks pretty good so far.

I’m confused, is this jailbreak. because the orange and blue stripes

You need to work on the lighting and the grass. You need to also add more detail in it like a astonishing vibe. The rest looks great! Noice work.


You’re welcome! :smiley:
I’m glad that my reply helped you

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Very reminiscent to that of Jailbreak.

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hey, how’d you know (LOLL!!!)!!!

I think almost anyone can infer your building style is from Jailbreak just by looking at 1 or 2 images.

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LOLL, I Went For More Of “”"“THE MAD CITY VIBE,”""". (Like The Wall Trims) But Yeah!!!

In my opinion, the details look great and organized, but the layout size looks a bit cramped. I recommend evening it out a bit!

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Just to let you all know, this is a 2D “TYPE” game!!!

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