Prison Escapist Story Game Feedback

I released this game in BETA almost a month ago, but I need Developer’s feedback and suggestions on improving the game, making it more fun and exciting.

You start in a cell and follow daily schedules before making an attempt to break out. There are about two endings so far, the good and bad endings and I have another one in the making. The GFX’s was done by me and so was this entire game. I will probably have some basic game passes for the game like a bat, shiv, or anything that is suggested.


It was way too hard to find the shiv. Could you possibly nerf that?

Also, the animation glitched out when I lifted weights at the yard. I got stuck with my hand slightly raised.


Alright, I fixed the weight issue. I added a particle effect to where the current shiv location is so it is easier to locate it. Thanks for testing! Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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