Privacy on Player's Collections & Better Ways to Delete

As a ROBLOX Developer, I don’t like the fact that players are able to see all the models and decals I upload onto my account. This gives free access for anyone on the web to just copy and download the decals, and see leaks of models used in a game not yet released. On top of that, I find my inventory very ugly and full of clutter; for which I would not like anyone to see. To resolve this issue, I could delete all unnecessary items, but we all know that would be a tedious process if you have pages over pages of garbage to throw out.

How can ROBLOX improve?

ROBLOX should give an option for what can be shown publicly in your profile. I have heard that the profile tab is going under massive changes, potentially; in that case, I do advise to add this feature to the new profile, or at least, have players decide what category of inventory (hats, models, etc.), and specifically what item in that category could be publicly displayed.

One more thing – have a feature where players can check multiple items to delete. I find it a huge burden to have to go through every item’s details to get it deleted, and revert back to the previous page to delete another item.


This should be a #feature-requests:web-features request rather than a client one.